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Do it yourself

You have always been independent and like to do at home projects.  Last week you went on vacation with your family and came home with bed bugs.  After doing research on the internet, you found that killing bed bugs without chemicals meant heat.  After calling around to talk with exterminating companies you found they only use chemicals and are too expensive, you think you and family can do it yourselves.  You want facts, how to kill the bed bugs with easy-to-understand videos, and proof that it will work the first time. You want to feel certain that this will be the answer.

Tri-Flo is the company you go to – they are informed, knowledgeable, and you can use this heater for other uses.  It’s an investment.

Be Proactive with HEAT

You just had a great vacation!  But oh no – you just found bed bugs.  Your son just came in crying because of the bites he found on his arms and legs.   You just read about these hitch-hikers in a vacation magazine.  Who would have thought that the 5 Star Hotel you stayed at had them?  BE PROACTIVE. Its time to get rid of these with a Tri-Flo heater.

After reading about the effects that chemical eradication can have on your health and your families, you decide that HEAT is the way to go.

Bed bugs are here to stay.

Internet research says that HEAT is the way to kill bed bugs and current studies continue to provide evidence that the use of chemicals is not effective, problematic and dangerous to use. The CDC in 2012 issued a warning about the dangers of bed bug pesticides stating, “Health effects ranged from mild to serious, including one death. Using pesticides that are designed for outdoor use indoors or using too much pesticide were often the cause.”

Heat treatment to kill bed bugs is the most effective, efficient, and economical means to destroy bed bugs quickly, allowing you to take control. Heating an infested area to the kill temperature over 121°F (49.4°C) and maintaining an ambient temperature of 135°F (57.2°C) degrees combined with air movement for several hours generates penetrating heat to kill bed bugs and eggs in the harborage.

Save Money and get an Investment

Having your own heater saves you money in several ways.

    • You are in control of your eradication
    • Saves you money
    • Safe, no harsh chemicals to deal with after
    • Use the heater(s) to heat rooms such as garages and basements

Purchasing Eradi-Flo bed bug heaters is a practical investment that pays for itself when compared to using chemical pest control companies which can charge over $800 to eradicate a single room and require it to be not used for up to ten days. Oftentimes require recurring repeat applications and extended out of service condition.

tri-flo recommends the following

Do it yourself packages

BB100 Package

Room size up to 200 sq. ft. or 1,600 cu. ft.

BB250 Package

Room size up to 350 sq. ft. or 2,800 cu. ft.