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We say it time and time again, but there really is no easier way to get rid of bed bugs than with Colorado Tri-Flo commercial bed bug heaters. In as little as eight steps, your bed bug infested room can be bed bug free — and you can sigh a breath of relief.

Unlike other bed bug solutions, killing bed bugs with our Tri-Flo commercial bed bug heaters is simple and fast, so you can get back to running your business in as little as one business day without having to hire pest control professionals, or mess with big heavy machinery and hazardous chemicals. With Tri-Flo commercial bed heaters, you will just need a trained staff member, the appropriate Eradi-Flo commercial bed bug heaters for your room size, a fan, laser infrared thermometer, and towel, and in a few simple steps, BAM, your bed bugs are gone for good.

What you will need to eradicate bed bugs

      • Eradi-Flo Commercial Bed Bug Heaters
      • One Fan
      • A Laser Infrared Thermometer
      • Towel
      • A Trained Staff Member  

Safety Tips before heating a room

      • Elevate heaters in cramped rooms
      • Check to make sure curtains and other objects are out of the heaters’ way
      • Ensure your outlet meets the power requirements
      • Remove any object that can melt

Here is a quick idea of how to eradicate bed bugs, please refer to the BED BUG FIELD GUIDELINE for a better understanding.