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You run one of your city’s rescue missions, providing shelter and food to a vulnerable and at-risk population. You are a passionate crusader for those less fortunate and work tirelessly every day to ensure that these men, women, and children aren’t forgotten. Your job isn’t easy, and it can definitely take an emotional toll, but you don’t mind. What you DO mind is having to deal with issues that take you away from providing a safe environment for your residents. One of those issues is the ongoing infestation of bed bugs in your building. These pests pose a very real threat to the people who stay in the shelter, and you just can’t seem to get ahead of them. You have spent a great deal of money (money that you would rather spend on beds, blankets, clothes, and food) on having the facility sprayed. But so far, the six or seven times the outside pest extermination company has come, the bed bugs have persisted. You worry about the health dangers of the chemicals contained in the spray, as well. What’s available isn’t green, ineffective, and very expensive. You need an alternative, something that is safe, that WORKS, and that’s affordable…and a solution that you won’t have to repeat over and over again.

How to build a heat chamber

If you would like to construct a room or chamber for killing bed bugs with heat, there are several key elements that contribute to the success or failure of your plan.

    1. Size of the room/chamber
    2. Physical construction components (wood, metal, insulation value)
    3. Electrical power in the room
    4. Local temperatures (are you in the South or the North?)
    5. Types of contents to be heated, volume and frequency
    6. Tracking temperatures

Click below to learn about what needs to be included in building a room or chamber.


heat treatment to kill bed bugs


Shelter / hud housing packages

BB100 Package

Room size up to 200 sq. ft. or 1,600 cu. ft.

BB250 Package

Room size up to 350 sq. ft. or 2,800 cu. ft.