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All Tri-Flo heaters come with a 5-year warranty.  See our warranty here.

The heaters shown below are for North American electric systems only.  If you are looking for International solution please call us at (303) 532-2494.

Please make sure you have the right North America Power Plug for treating your bed bug problem.

Laser Infrared Thermometer

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Point, Click, and Measure the Temperature with Ease

  • This laser infrared thermometer is an essential piece of heat treatment equipment.
  • With point and click capabilities, it’s easy to measure the temperature in various locations of a room.
  • Get the right temperatures and kill bed bugs more effectively with this laser thermometer.

Is it getting hot in here? Why don’t you find out with this laser infrared thermometer. An essential piece of heat treatment equipment for a variety of applications, this laser infrared thermometer allows you to point and click to measure the precise temperature in various locations of a room. Ideal for measuring the temperature of a room during bed bug eradication. Get yours today from Colorado Tri-Flo Systems.


  • Point and click
  • Digital interface
  • Model and color may vary

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Individual Heater Specifications



BED BUG Heater


Understanding the existing power at the bed bug eradication site is critical to properly utilizing your bed bug heater equipment and conducting the most efficient and effective electric heater eradication.

Pest control professionals, hotel facility managers/staff and property managers have all experienced incidents where the power via circuits and amps does not meet up with the plugs, outlets or both on pieces of equipment needed to get the job done. This confusion often requires changes in plugs, wall outlets, and even splitting power via spider boxes or generators to complete the job.

If our heater plug type does not fit your plug type there are adapters out there that will allow your power source to work with a Tri-Flo heater.  Please contact us for more information. Call (303) 532-2494.

Here are the major North American configurations that you may encounter when treating most hotels, apartment complexes, condos or personal homes:

Some with one circuit per room some with two per room.

Some on one circuit per room, some with two.  Typically, one GFI outlet in the bathroom area.

Some on one circuit per room, some with several.  Typically, one GFI outlet in the bathroom area.

In-room unit, that runs on 220V single phase with a 30 or 40-amp circuit.

Will typically have in addition to the above; oven, stove, dryer with 220V outlets on a 40 or 50-amp circuit that can be used for splitting power.  Theses outlets also have variations of plugs to outlets.

Power Voltages &

power plug types

Knowing the types of buildings, where you will be treating, and the associated power allows you to prepare for each set of circumstances, use the proper bed bug heater equipment and ensures you get the job done efficiently and properly.

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, LLC manufactures all Bed Bug Heaters in Mead, Colorado, not offshore. Call us to learn more about how we can solve your bed bug issues, save money, and make you more profitable with our proactive solutions. (303) 532-2494.

Eradi-Flo heaters are safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and ETL certified. Using airflow technology our heaters deliver the heated airflow necessary to kill bed bugs.