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Bed bug Training

When it comes to our electric bed bug heaters, we’ve found a foolproof method for ensuring bed bugs are not a problem anymore.

At Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, we pride ourselves in providing Top Rated National® certified bed bug equipment, but we also happily provide FREE Tri-Flo master heat technician training so you and your team can become Tri-Flo certified master heat technicians and capably eradicate bed bugs using our commercial bed bug heaters. With our FREE training, you will learn:

    • If you’ve never used an industrial electric heater before, every purchase includes training and certification so you can teach yourself.
    • With free shipping, financing options, and a two-year warranty, an electric bed bug heater is an investment you can warrant for your home or business.
    • The Tri-Flo Classroom provides a wealth of information to get your team up to speed
    • Get this training for FREE when you order one of our One Stop Solutions.
    • Online product registration required.

How To Get Our Master Heat Technician Certification ($499 Value) For FREE

Training your staff members to eradicate bed bugs will save your time and your business’s reputation, and the best part is that you you can get your staff certified through our master heat technician certification program for FREE by purchasing one of our One-Stop Solution packages.

Why risk your business’s reputation by hiring pest control to get rid of your bed bug infestation when you can train any one of your staff members to get the job done as soon as you are informed of the problem? Save time and money by training your staff on how to use our Eradi-Flo commercial bed bug heaters today!

Why wait for pest control to show up when you can set up your infested room within minutes and completely exterminate all bed bugs in as little as one day? For lessons, facts, and figures on bed bug basics, a walk-through on on the eradication process from start to finish, and how to clean up after the eradication, become a Tri-Flo Certified Master Heat Technician.

Master Heat Technician Certification Now Available

Looking to provide the best possible eradication services with our electric bed bug heaters? That is now easier than ever before.

Not only can you find the best, most innovative electric bed bug heaters at the new Colorado Tri-Flo online store, but now you can also get the training you need to earn your Master Heat Technician Certification right here online.

What is a Master Heat Technician Certification? We’re glad you asked. Becoming a certified Master Heat Technician means that you (or your employee) are fully qualified to operate our innovative heating solutions for commercial use.

Whether you are in need of an electric bed bug heater for your hotel facility, or you’re a cleaning company looking to add eradication and/or restoration to your bevy of services, a Master Heat Technician Certification can help you remain credible and up to standard.

Keep reading to learn more and purchase one of our One-Stop Solutions electric bed bug heater packages to get this unique Master Heat Technician certification training for free.

What It Includes

Our Master Heat Technician Certification training includes everything you need in order to pass the test and become an official Tri-Flo Certified Master Heat Technicians.

This certification makes users uniquely qualified to operate our one-stop electric bed bug heaters and solutions for a wide range of applications.

The training course includes a number of lessons, facts, and figures, covering everything from Bed Bug Facts to Bed Bug Basics, as well as a walk-through on operating our Tri-Flo heaters. We’ll also take users through the eradication process from start to finish, including a lesson on how to warm up our electric bed bug heaters, and finally how to clean up after a proper eradication.

Then, in order to complete the training and earn a certification, there will be an online test assessment with 50 questions. The test includes everything that a Master Heat Technician should know about bed bugs, including where and how they thrive, at what temperature they are unable to survive, and why heat is more effective than chemicals when it comes to killing bed bugs.

Upon completion of the training, a certificate will be presented that is suitable for framing and display. This allows you to showcase your certification to your customers and visitors to let them know you are committed and fully qualified to utilize the best electric bed bug heaters for commercial use.


The best way to receive your training and test is to purchase a One-Stop Solutions package. These packages include multiple electric bed bug heaters and amps, high-powered airflow fans, and more. These packages are perfect for hotels, motels, dorm room facilities, apartments, and cleaning professionals who are looking to operate on a wider scale.

Why choose heat over chemicals to kill bed bugs? Because heat is proven to be the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to kill those pesky pests in all stages of life. Stop wasting time and money on dangerous chemical treatments. Buy an electric bed bug heater package and earn a Master Heat Technician Certification today.